Construction and Demolition


Building 33, Ground Source Heat Pumps, Chaplains Office Building, VA Medical Center

Hampton, VA

Labor and materials to provide 6 new heat pumps with 20 wells with associated well piping to replace existing heating system in Chaplains’ two story office building. Work also included interior renovations to existing ductwork, removal and replacement of ceiling tiles to accommodate new lighting arrangements, grills, diffusers, registers, wall louvers, electric duct heaters, demolition and replacement of drywall/plaster ceilings and walls as necessary to accomplish mechanical/electrical work, removal and replacement/restoration of historic ceiling tiles, all necessary plumbing/HVAC work associated with new heating system. Work had to be accomplished so as not to disrupt daily routine of ministers/clergy nor their visitors.

Received letter of thanks from the Chaplains – will need to send as attachment

Project Cost: $482,422.11