Construction and Demolition


Renovate Building 75, Phase I & II

VA Medical Center, Salem, Va.

21 Separate and active medical center building – 4 total single floor renovations; 4 total two floor renovations, 11 total three floor renovations, one total 4 floor renovation and one total 7 floor renovation. All 21 buildings are part of active medical facility at the VAMC, Salem, Virginia. Work included temporary partitions/infection control measures, layout, general construction, alterations, walks, grading, drainage, mechanical and electrical work, utility systems, necessary removal of existing structures and construction of new exterior stairways to Bldg. 75, repair and replacement of fire rated door assemblies in multiple buildings, replacement and additional exit lighting in multiple buildings, and repair and replacement of fire dampers in multiple buildings.   All work performed in occupied medical facility without disruption to surrounding medical units. All outages scheduled after hours that might affect work in hospital.

Project Cost: $2,267,315.25