Construction and Demolition


Demolition of Bldg 420, 421 and 422 – Oceana Naval Air Station

Project: Demolition of Bldg 420, 421 and 422, Oceana Naval Air Station, Virginia Beach, Va.

Demolition of 3 separate 3 story block barracks buildings including foundations, slabs, pile caps, trees, shrubs, sidewalks and mechanical steam rooms and basements in each barracks totaling in excess of 90,000 sf. Removal and relocation of underground electrical to include manhole splices, removal and capping of steam lines as well as coordination with Cox Cable to remove/reroute Base cable. Work included demolition of existing breezeway connecting barracks to active Mess Hall and modification to areas to remain at Mess Hall. Concrete sidewalks were demolished and new sidewalks installed to accommodate foot traffic to active Mess Hall. Back graded, top soiled and seeded over 150,000 sf of site.

Construction Cost: $792,823.00