Construction and Demolition


Patient Care Doors & Hardware, H.H. McGuire VA Medical Center

Richmond, VA

Phased project to minimize the interruption to medical services to remove and replace 276 fire and non-fire rated doors (solid core or steel) and electrical and non electrical hardware in four (4) separate locations and 1st and 5th floor within Bldg. 500 of the McGuire Medical Center. Hardware schedule to be prepared by DHI certified Architectural Hardware Consultant detailing fabrications and assembly of door hardware after physical survey of building and verification of existing conditions. Electrically operated locking devices were connected to building fire and smoke/heat alarm systems. Frames and metal doors painted to VA color specifications utilizing low VOC painting systems.

All work which interrupted patient care was performed after hours or on weekends. 6 month post project inspection of doors is also part of contract.

Project Costs: $491,307.00