Construction and Demolition


Replace Carpet – Various Buildings, H.H. McGuire VA Medical Center

Richmond, VA

Second Floor in Buildings 35, 36 and 37, and ground floor room AG12 of Building 135.

Hardwood floor refinishing: approx. 700 sf in building 36 and 480 sf in building 37. Carpet Replacement approx. 646 yards in 25 separate locations.

Furnish and install Shaw Carpet tiles utilizing Lok-Dots adhesive-free installation method. Remove existing floor carpet and dispose of same. Prep floors substrates to be free of residual glue and debris and provide layer of floor skim as necessary. Contractor required to removal all furniture including cabinets, equipment, copy machines, desks, chairs, tables, boxes and cubicle partitions and replace after installation. Refinish old wood floor by sanding and smooth finishing with 3 coats of polyurethane by smooth sanding in between coats. Refinishing work also included stairways. Working in Building 135 had to be performed during normal working hours and coordinated with Contracting Officer’s Representative. Work in all other buildings had to be accomplished after-hours and on weekends.

Project Cost: $89,505.00